Baby Boy Names

                                    Baby Boy Names              

Friends the purpose of this post is to help parents in choosing names for new baby boy. Most of the parents believed such a name useful to baby boy to future developing and life success and the name will be with the new baby through the died of that boy. In this page we are mentioned Baby Boy Names and if you are Indian or american or any country we are maximum number of names and their meanings also provided.

     If you want to genuine and meaningful names to your child this page is correct place for you. These days every parents want to put a variety name and meaningful name. Dear parents we have collected a modern names with good meaning. We are mentioned New Born Baby Boy Names of all religions and all casts of people. Friends once you entered to my page you will get so many names with all types of alphabets.

  These page helpful and useful to who are present pregnancy couple and who are already baby born couple. If you want Indian Baby Boy Names maximum number of names mentioned in below names list box. If you search suitable name for your New Baby Names list and put a beautiful name to your child.
Here is the complete list of top 40+ New Born Baby Boy Names and their meanings provided.

Baby Boy Names List:

   01 Aadi Ornament,Perfect
   02 Aarush Calm,Brilliant
   03  Abeer Strong
   04  Advay Unique
   05  Azad Independent
   06  Balendra Lord Krishna
   07  Chaitanya Cognizance
   08 Chanakaya Bright
   09 Dev Cloud,Light
   10  Farham Glad,Happy
   11 Fariq Inteligent
   12 Girish Mountain
   13  Harshil Joyful,Delighted
   14 Isaac Protecter
   15 Iqbal Blessed,Healthiness
   16 Kabir Great
   17 Laxmana Luck 
   18 Lamont Lawyer 
   19 Lanakila Victory
   20 Lanh Happy 
   21 Latif Kindness 
   22 Macario Blessed 
   23  Mack Fearless
   24 Makoa Boldman 
   25  Nadir Uncommon 
   26 Nanda Happiness 
   27  Nasir Humble
   28 Pacifico  Peaceful 
   29 Padma Flower 
   30 Qamar Moon 
   31 Quest  Exploration 
   32  Rahim  To be kind 
   33 Sahib Master 
   34 Salem Protected 
   35  Tadaaki Bright
   36  Taina Light 
   37 Ukrit Supreme 
   38 Uday Light 
   39  Val  Powerful  
   40 Vale  Healthy 

NAME                MEANING

Amay                  Lord Ganesha

Aribam               Leader

Jagat                   World

Evavad                Truthful  

Liam                  German

Lucas                 Latin

Dylan                 Welsh

Aaditeya            Sun

Aadesh              Command  

Aanarsi             Meaning mainly

Aaran               Mountain or strength

Aaro                 Progressive
 Dear parents i hope your child name found in above names list. Above names list we are mentioned English names also, if you are Muslim or Christian or any religion all types of region names mentioned in above list. Dear couple if you give me any advice please mention on the below comment section.

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