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Baby Girl Names Starting With D

                         Baby Girl Names Starting With D     

Baby Girl Names Starting With D: Hi my dear friends, we are coming back with new and meaningful girl names. If you are searching for a good names to your daughter this Baby Girl Names Starting With D useful for you. If you have a baby girl and want to put a good name by the letter of D. Baby Girl Names or Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With D, find lots of Hindu Baby Girl Names. All the Hindu Girl Names and Muslim Girl Names Starting With D can be found here in this page. you can find the New Born Baby Girl Names And Meanings also available in this section. Reffer this page to relative or friends who just got blessed with a new born girl and wants to give her name starting with D. If you want to find out the numerology or Astrology of names for different Hindu Baby Girl Names and baby girl names starting with D.

            Now you can find many Hindu Baby girl Names and Islamic Girl Names Starting With D along with their meanings in Urdu and English. This page main aim is help parents and discover the best Baby Girl Names. If you are interested in learning the meanings and favorite Girl names we have got you covered that names. Searching for them over here and give your girl a beautiful Hindu girl names right away.

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Baby Girl Names With D Names List

    Name                  Meaning

    Daniela                Destiny
   Diana                  Dakota
   Dahlia                 Demi
   Dalia                  Della
   Diya                   Diamond
   Dadhiha                Daughter of milk
   Daksha                 The Earth
   Damini                 Lightning
   Darpana                A mirror
   Darshita               Sight
   Deeba                  Silk
   Deepali                Collection of Lamps
   Deepthi                Flame
   Deepika                A lamp
   Deleena                Good looking
   Devaki                 Glorious
   Devangi                Goddess
   Devika                 Mother of Lord Krishna
   Dhanishta              A star
   Dharini                Earth
   Diksha                 Initiation
   Dishita                focus
   Durga                  Goddess of Parvati
   divya                  Brilliant
   Dhani                  Wealthy

    Divya                 Divine

   Donatella           Beautiful gift

   Dabria                Angel of death

   Dahab                Gold

   Dana                  Denmark

   Dani                  Kiddnes

  Dora                   Kind

  Dip                     Small light
   Understand the importance of name and presents you a simple tool of first letter of baby starting word. If you are put a name to your baby baby starting with D letter above names are useful and helpful to you put a good and meaningful name to your little child.

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