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Baby Boy Names 2020

                             300+ Baby Boy Names 2020

Baby Boy Names 2020: If you are searching for a good meaningful baby name, you are the right perfect place now. Below we are preparing Baby Boy Names 2020 list for you. In this list we are gathering all religion Boy Names 2020 if you are Hindu or Muslim, Christian this page is helpful to you. These are special names for a baby boy. Below all names are Best Baby Boy Names 2020 in this list all names are tradition and we are mentioned each name meaning. Select a perfect name for your baby boy is not a simple task. Searching a good name for your baby boy is a big responsibility to every parent so we are helping to that kind of parent if you want to perfect meaningful name to your child below Unique Baby Boy Names 2020 useful to you. Picking the perfect name for your baby may seem like difficult task as there are just so many options before you.

     Here we bring you some of the trending Baby Boy Names along with their meanings. Some of parents believing Numerology, if you are put a name to your baby boy by the name of Numerology your baby boy Numerology name can determine whether or not his life will be successful and positive as he grows up. Below w are preparing a list of Baby Boy Names to different different religions names for you.

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Hindu baby boy names

300+ Baby Boy Names

Hindu Baby Boy Names

S.NO             NAME            MEANING

  01             Aabheer             A cow heard           

 02             Aadarsh              Perfect

 03             Aadhira              Moon

 04             Baalark              The rising sun

 05             Babji                  Independent

 06            Daamodar          A name of Krishna

 07            Dadasaheb         A person of honour

 08            Gagan                Sky

 09            Gajanand         Lord Ganesh

 10           Gajapati           Master of elephant

 11          Hiran                    Gold         

Dahana                  Rudra

Gaalav                  Strong

Gadin                   Lord Krishna

Gaganvihari         Stays in heaven

Gannath               Lord shiva

Christian Baby Boy Names

S.No        NAME              MEANING

 01         Aabel                  Breath

 02        Aadam                 Earth

 03        Aari             Mountain of strength    

 04        Babasolaf        Christian name

 05        Babis                    Legend

 06        Badrick          Axe Ruler

 07        Bail              A form of Vail

 08        Daan             God is my Judge

 09       Daavi             Beloved

 10       Daelen         A form of dale

Muslim Baby Boy Names

S.No         NAME           MEANINGS

  01        Aabid           Worshipper of Allah

  02       Aadeel          Upright

  03       Aalim          Learning

  04       Aaqil            Intelligent

  05       Baashir         Loyal Person

  06        Babar           King 

  07       Baha             Beautiful

  08       Daaood          Name of Prophet

  09      Dabir              Secretary

  10      Daleel            Guide, Mentor

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