Friday, September 11, 2020

Biblical Baby Girl Names

                          200+ Biblical Baby Girl Names    

Biblical Baby Girl Names: Dear parents in this page we are sharing Christian religion names. Christian religion is the biggest religion in the world. So many christian parents important to put a name to their child by the name of Jesus, So we are preparing the Biblical Baby Girl Names list for you. A name is one of the greatest gift that your baby girl because your baby child will carry for the rest of her life. If you are searching for a meaningful, unique, beautiful christian name for your child Biblical Girl Names list is useful to you. We are sharing Girl Names 2020 and their meanings to help you as you select the perfect name for your cute child.

    If you are searching for the perfect biblical Baby Girl Names 2020 for your little one, many Christian related and Jesus god related names are preparing in the biblical Girl Names List with their meaning also. You are the right place now our biblical girl names list will compulsory helpful you. Select a meaningful biblical name for girls from the list below. We are help you to pick the best biblical name for your baby girl.

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200+ Biblical Girl Names List

S.NO         NAME             MEANING

 01           Aasta                      Love

 02           Agness                Pure, Holy

 03           Analia             Spanish for grace

 04           Brea                     Irish

 05           Diem                   Latin for day

 06           Farah                   Arabic for joy

 07           Kaia                    Greek of earth

 08           Adina                   Noble, gentle

 09          Anna                    Gracious

 10          Bela                     She of fair skin

 11         Carmel                  Garden

 12         Claudia                  Lame

 13         Deborah                 Dee

 14         Eden                     Paradise 

 15         Eva                        Life

 16         Hannah                 Grace

 17         Huldah                  loved one

 18         Jewel                    Plaything

 19         Lois                      superior

 20        Mara                      Bitter

 21        Merry                    Joyful

 22        Naomi                Pleasant one

 23       Salome                   Peace

 24      Shifra                      Lovely

 25     Terah                        Earth

            Isa                       Beautiful      

   Linda                            Pretty     

Miyuki                    Happy or Good luck

Fallon                        Leaders daughter    

Farah                          Joy            

Driti                             Courage    

Erina               Beautiful lady       

Ektha                   Emity