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Nicknames For Boys

                                  Nicknames For Boys                           

Nicknames For Boys

Nicknames For Boys: There are lots of reasons to give your baby boy whether you are daring to go for a name chosen by some of the celebrities. There are endless possibilities when it comes to selecting a name that is both original and correct names in Nicknames For Boys list. We have gathered a list of 250+ Cute Baby Girl Names and their meanings. Friends if you want to good and meaningful baby name in this page you will get maximum number of Baby Boy Names 2020 page helpful to you. Friends if you give me any suggestion please mention on the below comment section. Below we are sharing with you related baby boy names if you want to any kind of page click on below related boys name page.

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NAME                   MEANING

Abhijat                  Noble,Wise

Abhik                      Beloved

Acharyasutha      Son of the teacher

Abhimoda            joy,delight

Abhinav              brand new ,present

Achal                 constant,unshaked  

Abhijit                victorious

Adarsh               ideal

Adheesh               king

Adil                 sincere,just 

Adithya             the sun

Advay               unique 

Agraj                leader,senior 

Aiman                  fearless

Akmar                    excellent

Akshit                 permanant

Amish                     honest 

Aleem                      knowledgeable

Aloki                    brightness

Amod                    Happiness

Amanath                treasure

Ankit                     conquered

Anoop                incomparable,the best

Anshuk                 radiant

Aniij                   charming

Ankur                  new life

Arhat                     respectable

Arivali                  smart,intelligent

Balaraj                    strong

Bheem                    powerful

Bhushan                 ornament

Bimal                      pure

Bhooshit                decorated

Bhupathi               lord of the earth

Bodhan                   kindling

Birbal                    brave heart

Chaaruhaas           with beautiful smile

Chaanakya              a great scholar

Chanchal                   active

Chandra                  the moon

Charan                        feet

Charudutta             born with beauty

Charuvrat             of good character

Chatur                     clever

Cheliyan               rich,prosperous 

Chetan                 consciousness,life

Chidaatma            supreme spirit 

Chiman                 curious 

Chintak                thinker

Chiranjeev           immortal 

Daha                 blazing,very bright

Dakshi               the glorious

Dalapathi          leader of the group 

Daman              one who controls

Darshit             seen,vision 

Dasmaya            beautiful 

Deepak              lustrous

Deepit                 lighted   

Balaram              Brother Of lord krishna

Baldev                 God like in power

Balmani             Young Jewel

                    Friends above we are sharing with you all kinds of baby boy name if you are searching for meaningful baby boy names this page helpful to you. If you have any new names please share with me in the below comment section.