Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Boy Names Starting With E

                           200+ Boy Names Starting With E            

Boy Names Starting With E: Friends are you searching for Baby Boy Names and starting with E letter this E Boy Names page helpful to you. Actually E alphabet names are very less but we are gathering some names for you in E Names For Boy list. Below we are preparing E Letter Names For Boy Hindu and their meanings. I hope this page helpful and useful to you put a good name to your newborn baby.

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200+ Boy Names Starting With E

Name                          Meanings

Eamon                      Rich Guardian

Earl                        A noted Warrior

Eban                           Black

Ebrahim                 Father of my nation

Ebenezer                 Helping stone

Edan                      Like a fire

Edelmar                  Famous

Edin                       Un clear

Edsel                     Small father

Edvard                   Wealthy Guard

Edwin                      Wealthy friend

Eerikki                   King forever

Efron                      Single Bird

Egil                       Respect Horror

Ehud                      Allied

Eilam                    Immortal

Ekewaka               Protector

Elan                        Friendly

eldrick                    Rich ruler

Eliam                     People of god

Elkin                     Gods creation

Ellery                    Humorous

Elmo                     Helmet

Elon                      Oak Tree

Elonso                   Battle

Elvan                     colour person

Emeric                   Powerful ruler

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