Monday, November 2, 2020

M names For Girls

                                      M names For Girls                                

M Names For Girls: Dear parents if you are searching for Baby Girl Names Starting With Unique this M Se Name Girl page helpful to you. In this page we are preparing the names list with their meanings. if You are want to Sanskrit name with M alphabet to your new born baby girl this Baby Girl Names Starting With M In Sanskrit page for you. I hope in this page you will found good and meaningful name to your little princess. Guys if you give me any suggestions please mention on the below comment section.

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Names                  Meanings

Magana                  Engrossed

Madhavi                 A flowering creeper

Mona                     Just one

Mythili                  Godess sita

Manvi                   Humanly  

Maira                    Beloved

Mais                     Proud

Marvi                   Beauty redefined

Madhura              A bird

Manali                Cute

Mehul                 Cloud

Meenal                Precious Gem

Makshi                Honey bee

Madhul               Sweet

Maanika               Ruby

Maadharasi         Queen of Women

Madhumita          Sweet friend

Maghi                  Giving gift

Maha                   Great

Mahek                 Sweet odour

Mahesani            Great lady

Maina                 Intelligence

Malathi              Flower

Malina                 Dark

Mahika                Dew

Masumi                Innocence

Mandeepa         Light of heart

Marsha             Respectable

Meeli              Bitter

Meera            A Devotee Of Krishna

Molly             Star of the seagull

Mady              From the high tower

Madi               Mermaid

Maaya              Illusion

Myla                 Female solider

Myza                Graceful

Menka               Heavenly Damsel

Mohini               Attractive

Marala               Swan

Medini               Earth

Malini                Fragrant