Friday, January 29, 2021

J Girl Names

                                             J Girl Names                    

j girl names

J Girl Names: Hi everyone this time we are coming back with one more Alphabet names that J letter. Guys if you have new baby girl and searching for good meaningful Girl names with J Alphabet this Baby Girl Names Start With J page helpful to find a good name to your baby child. Friends, I hope this page is right and correct for you. Dear parents and friends if you have any new and latest J Se Girl Names please share with us via the below comment section we are adding those names to J Letter Names For Girl Hindu page. Friends if you give me any suggestions please share them with me below the comment section.

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J Girl Names With Meanings

Jacinta                   Flower

Jacomina               Following After

Jaden                     Unclear

Jael                        Wild as Mountain Goat

Jagusia                   Chaste

Jamesina                 Following after

jalena                      Torch of Light

jenna                       Woman of White

Jerica                      Ruler With Spear

Jacinda                   Beautiful

jacqueline              The supplanter

Jahnavi                   Hindu name

Jania                       God is Gracious

jarmila                   Grace of spring

Jeannette                shine

jaabili                    Full Moon

Jaagravi              Alert, Awake

Jenica                God is Gracious

Jeno                  Heaven

Jarusha               The married one

Jewell                Precious one

Johanna               God is gracious

Jonina                Dove

Jaamini               Night, Flower

Jacqui                Nice and Pretty

Jagriti               Vigilance

Jagori                Awake

Jahnavika             River Ganga

Jules                 Youthful

Justine               Fair

Jyothi                Light