Saturday, May 16, 2020

US Baby Boy Names

                                     US Baby Boy Names                           

Dear US parents we are gathering New Baby Boy Names for you. In this page we are prepared latest and new US Baby Boy Names. If you want to meaningful US Baby Boy Names this is useful and helpful for you.

              Most of the US parents search a English Baby Boy Names to their child, so we are maximum English names list mentioned in below box. Naming your new baby boy is one of the first and most important decisions you will make as a new parent.

    If you leaved in US and if you have new baby boy finding the perfect name for your new baby boy can take some time and put a good name to your baby child. 40+  US baby names and meanings list prepared in below names list once you search names list i hope you will perfect name to your baby.

40+ US Baby Boy Names List

  S.NO          NAME                 MEANING       
    01  Elijah  Famous king
    02   Grayson                     Hardworking
    03      Jackson  Gracious
    04   Liam  Warrior
    05   Noah   Calm
    06   Oliver  Peace of mind
    07   Aace  Luck
    08   Alvin  Attitude
    09  Angelos  Heaven
    10          Anson   Bearer
    11    Abbott   Father
    12   Ace   Unity 
    13   Adney                      Island 
    14   Aisley   Tree grove 
    15   Albert  Bright
    16  Bailey  Administrator
    17       Balder   Prince   
    18        Banning   Fair 
    19     Bard      Poet
    20   Basil  Kingly
    21   Bayhard   Brown hair  
    22   Bernard  Bear 
    23     Bert   Bright 
    24   Bradshaw  Forest  
    25   Brayden  Broad valley
    26   Dack         Town Dax
    27   Darwin  Dear friend
    28   Delton  Town in the Valley 
    29   Dylan   Son of the sea 
    30  Earle  Noble Man

  Gazi                      conqueror

 Pinank                   Lord Shiva Name

Yazin                      Worshipper

Avendra                 Please advise

Hafiza                    Proteceted

Haimi                     Golden

Laboni                    Grace    

Maalika                  Queen     

Gabbara                  Great

Gais                       Cheerful

Gakuru                  Elderly one

Gallant                  Cheerful person

Ganiru                  Good luck

Arvish                  Freedom Loving

Ganender              Master of the war

Hansith                Joy of Funder

Minnu                   Bright shiny sky