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Future Baby Boy Names 2020

                               Future Baby Boy Names 2020           

Future Baby Boy Names 2020

Future Baby Boy Names 2020: Searching a perfect name name to your baby boy, this is milestone in your baby's life. Below we have prepared the list of Future Baby Boy Names 2020 list around the world. The origin of the meaning or culture if you want any kind of name in this page we are preparing good and meaningful Baby Boy Names 2020 list for you. Choosing a name to your baby boy that is a challenging process so invite your friends and family members to help make the right decision and take part in this special experience. If you are searching Cute Baby Names For Boys and their meanings below we are sharing Cute Boy Names And Meanings list. I hope this names list  helpful and useful to put a perfect name to your baby boy.

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Name                   Meanings

Amrik                   nector

Anadi                   eternal

Anisa                   supreme

Anandi                  brighter of joy

Anbu                    kindness

Anirudh                 free

Anshuk                  radiant

Aryan                 noble or civilized

Avivalagan         intelligent

Ashish                 blessing

Ashlesh                to embrace

Avanish                imperishable

Avikam               diamond

Atraju                  great warrior

Atul                     matchless

Ayush                 long lived

Bhagirat           with glorious chariot

Bhagyraj             lord of luck

Balanath            lord of strengh

Bahurai            with great riches

Baladhi             deep insight

Basudha                earth

Balakumar            youthful

Chandak                the moon

Chandrahas            bow of shiva

Chadrodaya            moonrise

Charu                   agreeable,charming

Chellamani            precious gem

Chinmayu            supreme consciousness

Chintan                   meditation

Chiman                      curious

Chinthayu              born of intellect

Chitta                    mind

Daivya                    divine

Damian                  tamer

Danvir               charitable

Darshak               spectator

Dev                    god,king

Daya                  mercy

Devadutt             gift of the god

Devaj                from god

Dayada               son,inheritor

Dasmaya            beautiful

Dhairya             patience

Dheeraj            consolation

Aabhas            Feeling, Virtual

Aadavan          The sun

Aadi                  Most significant

Badari                  Lord Vishnu

Badriprasad        Gift of Badri