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Baby Names Based On Date Of Birth

                       Baby Names Based On Date Of Birth             

Baby Names Based On Date Of Birth: Dear parents if you want to put a name based on time and date this is the correct place for you. Few people believed in Astrology and some people did not believe in Astrology and Numerology. If you are ready to put a baby name based on the date of birth below Baby Names Based On Date Of Birth list is helpful to you. Few parents believed in Astrology and numerology this kind of parents have put a name depend on their baby child's time and date because these two things are given positive results and development of their child life. Baby Name Calculator also gives a perfect name to you and your little baby and if you want to put a name to your baby by numerology Baby Names As per the Numerology list will give meaningful names to you. Hindu religion people mainly believed in Astrology and numerology these two things are playing the main role in a baby's life. Astrology and numerology provide guidance to every couple to choose a perfect and meaningful name for the child as per time and date. The first letter of the baby name of the little child is chosen based on the birth star.

Definition of Astrology:-
Astrology, sort of divination that involves the forecasting of earthly and human events through the observation and interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and therefore the planets. Devotees believe that an understanding of the influence of the planets and stars on earthly affairs allows them to both predict and affect the destinies of people, groups, and nations. Though often considered a science throughout its history, astrology is widely considered today to be diametrically against the findings and theories of recent Western science.

Definition of Numerology:-
Numerology may be a sort of divination almost like astrology that deals with connections between numbers and personality traits, destiny, events, and circumstances. Certain numbers related to people, places, and events may play a task in better understanding this stuff or predicting potential outcomes. Your personal numerology is a component of the karmic imprint you bring back this life so as to assist you to grow spiritually.

  We aim to help parents in choosing names for new little baby boy and baby girl. Hindu Baby Boy Names and Hindu Baby Girl Names depend on their birth time, date, and Numerology number. We are collecting names Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names with meaning. Before Checking all baby names based on the date of birth. Follow our tips for a better selection of unique Indian baby boy names

Follow our instructions before selecting a greater name for your babies:-
  • Decide associate alphabet initial, The name starts with.
  • Avoid selecting an extended name that creates some issues to recollect
  • Choose the name that sounds smart once speaking together with surname or family name.
  • Focus to decide on a good name that does not impact your kid in his Adult age.
  • choose a reputed name that's higher elect by each couple

Check this list of baby names based on the date of birth :

SNO Birth starsuggested Letters
1Ashwini(Awasthi)Chu, che, cho, la
2BharaniLe, Lu, Lo, Li, Lee
3Krithika(Karthikai)Aa, Ae, Ai, U, Ee, E, A, If
4Rohini O, Vi, Va, Vee, Vu, Wu, Vi, Wa
5MrigashiraVe, Vo, Kee, We, Kaa
6ArudraKu, Cha, Da, Na, Gha, Jha, Kam
7PunrvasuKo, Ha, Kay, Hee, Kay, Ke
8PushyamiHe, Ho, Da, Hu
9Ashlesha Du, De, Me, Da, Di, Do, Dee
10Makha(Magha) Ma. Mi, Me, Mu, Maa
11Purva Phalguni Ta, Ti, Tu, Mo, Tee, Taa
12Uttara Phalguni Pi, Pa, Ta, To, Te, Paa, Taa
13Hasta Pu, Sha, Na, Poo, Tha, Shaa
14Chitra(chithira)Ra, Ri, Pe, PO, Raa, Ro
15SwathiTa, Ro, Ru, RE, Roo, Taa
16Vishaka(Vishakam)Te, Tu, Tae, Too, Tee, Ti
17Anuradha(Anusham)Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, Nee, Naa
18Jyeshta(Triketta)Yi, Yu, Yaa, Yee, No
19MoolaBa, Bi, Bhi, Yu, Ye, Bha, Bhee
20Purvashada Bhoo, Da, Bu, Pha, Dha
21UtharashadaJa, Ji, Bha, Bhi, Be, Boy
22Sravana(Shravana)Khi, Khu, Kho, Jo, Je, So, Ju
23DhanishtaGa, Gi, Gu, Gee, Gee
24Shatabhisha(Chathayam)Si, Su, Sa, Go, Saa, Soo
25UttarabhadraNa, Gna, Jna, Tha, Du
26RevathiDe, Do, Cha, Chi, Chaa

Conclusion of baby names based on the date of birth:

      Hi guys! Above mentioned posts belong to  Baby Names Based On Date Of Birth . we hope the above information is useful which name suitable for your baby as per Numerology and date of birth. If you note your baby born date and time this is useful to which letter suitable for the baby as per numerology. 
IF you have any queries related to Baby Names Based On Date Of Birth
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