Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boy

                                      Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boy

As per the Hindus Godses Lord Krishna is one of the famous god and many people are attracted to him. Radha Krishna love story makes cherrish to everyone most of the peoples like to name their New Born Baby Boy Names by the name of Lord Krishna. 

              So many people believed in that god and they trust the god Lord Krishna. They believed that Lord Krishna Names were lucky and gives success to their life. Totally krishna name feels good and calm. Nowadays every couple want to put a good meaningful name for  their child so we are gathered maximum number of meaningful names for you .

        Friends who has a new born baby and who want to Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boy in this page you will get best and good names for the Indian Baby boy names. Who are searching for the good name to your Baby Boy Names this page is useful to you. Who are interested to name your kids as a Lord Krishna Names in this page we are providing maximum number of good names by the name of Lord Krishna.

             30+ Baby bo names by the name of Lord Krishna good and meaningful names mention in below names list. If you want to meaningful name to your new born baby this names list useful to you.

Names List:-
S.No  Name       Meaning           
 Anirudh without obstacles
Anish Smartone 
Aprameya Lord krishna 
Adwait unique 
Abhijeet Victorious 
Aariv King of wisdom 
Devesh King of gods 
Darsh Vision 
Balgopal Infant Krishna 
10  BaliPowerful 
11  Bankeany where 
12 Bansilal The first lord 
13 Brajamohan Attractive 
14 Damodar Name of lord krishna 
15 Gadin Group Of people 
16 Girdhari Mountain 
17 Govinda Happy, Knowledge 
18 Harekrisna  Everything to ready
19 Haresh Lord Krishna 
20 Hari Green Light 
21 Ilapataye Earth 
22 Jagadbandhu Whole World 
23 Jagannath Universe 
24 Jogaraj Lord of ascetics 
25 Kanhaiyalal Beloved 
26  KanuHandsome 
27 Krishna By the name of god 
28 Madhav Humble 
29Nathan Protector 
 30Paramapurusha Superman 
 31Pyaremohan Attractive 
 32Rasesh Joy 
33 Sanwariya Dark 
34 Sarva Perfect 
35 Shrikeshav Handsome 

   S.NO       NAME           MEANING

   36         Gopi              Love, Cute

   37         Hari               Almighty

   38         Braj          Place of Lord Krishna

   39        Mahe           Lord Krishna

   40        Venu          Flute, Lord Krishna                 

   41        Advit          Unique

  Agniv                      AsBright      

Danvir                  Charitable      

Aaron                    Mountain    

Azibo                   Earth           
 Aabhat            Shining

Adipta              Bright

Aabha               Light     

Aadhan              Be First     

Aadinadh           Lord Vishnu  

Aashish              Blessing of god 

Anand              Happiness    

Aariv                Wisdom 




          Friends above names list as meaningful and good names i hope this Lord Krishna Names for baby boy as useful and helpful to you. If you want to another good names follow us and if you give me any suggestions please mention on the below comment section.

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