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G Name List Boy Hindu

                                   G Name List Boy Hindu                       

G name list boy Hindu

G Name List Boy Hindu: Friends in this page you will find the  popular G Names List Boy Hindu with English meanings. This Boy Names Starting With G list provided update Hindu Boy Names starting with g alphabet with detail meaning. Are you finding Hindu boy names starting with g letter for your new born baby. Here you can find G Names For Boys with meanings, you can find various Hindu boy names starting with G alphabet along with their English clear meanings. Help a friend or relative who is blessed with a baby boy and wants to give his son a name starting with g alphabet by providing him this page to your friends. This page providing you with Baby Boy Names 2020 with only G letter. If you want to give your baby boy name with G letter, you are now in the the right and perfect  place.

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Name                 Meanings

Gagan                 sky,heaven

Gajaadhar           elephant tamer 

Gajarup                lord ganesh

Gandhaa           a sweet smelling 

Gangadutt           gift of ganga

Gaveshan             search

Gayan                 singing,the sky

Ganak                    an astrologer

Gannon               the god of silence

Gandhik              fragrance

Gaurish                  lord shiva 

Gaman                   moving 

Gaurav                   honour, pride

Genjin                   reveal true humanity

Gajvadan              name of lord ganesha

Gandiva                the bow of arjuna

Gambheer              deep,serious

Gaurang                fair complexioned

Genkaku              original understanding

Gangol              a precious gem 

Geet                    melody 

Genkai               source ocean

Ganaraj               lord of the clan

Gauresh              a name of loed shiva

Gangaraaju          the king of elephants

Geet                     Song, Melody

Genno                  Glorious king

Ghadir                 Sword

Gyandeep            Lamp of divine

Genkai                Source of ocean

Garuda                The king of bird

Garg                      Name of saint.

Gireesh               Lord shiva

Girvaan               language of god.

Goutham              Lord buddha

Goral                      Lovable

Govardhan            Name of mountain

Giridari                  Lord Krishna

Gour fair                King od ancient India

Govinda           Lord Venkateshwara

Goswami           Master of cows

Gopi                 protector of cows.

Gourinath         Lord shiva

Giriraj              Lord of the mountains

Giridhari         Lord krishna

Gobhil            a sanskrit scholar

Gopal             Lord krishna

Gopesh            Lord krishna

Gulab             Rose

Guljarilal        name of lord krishna

Gunuja            Virtuous maiden

Gopan             Protection