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Arabic Girl Names

                                      Arabic Girl Names                       

Arabic countries are 22, in this countries most of the Muslim peoples are leaved. In Arabic countries most of the famous cities like Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait. This time we are sharing with you and gathering Arabic Girl Names In this list you will get Muslim Girl Names also because of Arabic belongs to Muslim. Arabic countries people used Urdu language so we are provide Urdu Girl Names also. This Islamic Girl Names list you will get also a top Arabic Baby Girl Names With Meanings. Our names list of Arabic girl names contain totally belongs to Muslim for all over the world. Pakistan also a Muslim country in this list you Pakistan peoples also get Pakistani Girl Names.

       Dear parents are you looking for Muslim girl names or Urdu girl names this names list are completely belongs to Top Arabic Girl Names List and Muslim girl names. If you want to Perfect name to your new born baby or expected baby this names list helpful for you.

Top 5o+ Arabic Girl Names List

       S.No              NAME                 MEANING      
         01        Afsa   Mohammed's wife  
         02         Allami    Intelligent 
         03        Aasira    strong girl 
         04         Aiza   Respected place in the society 
         05        Bassima    Smile 
         06        Freshta   Means Angel
         07        Fatana    Lovely 
         08         Fazura   Queen of the stars
         09        Fareena      Happiness
         10        Hasma    Elegant 
         11        Haseena    Beautiful 
         12        Habeeba   Darling
         13       Iliana    Bright 
         14        Maham    Wife of Mughal  
         15        Mizra     Royal
         16       Mahini   Great
         17        Mantasa    Precious 
         18        Musfeerah    Brightness 
         19         Nofee    Princess 
         20        Nasara    Beautiful 
         21        Neelab    Blue water 
      Ahuti                Delicate

      Ayushi              Long Living

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