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English Names For Girls

                                English Names For Girls    

English Names For Girls: Guys name is the first gift you can give your baby girl. here were mentioned all alphabets to English Names For Girls this page helpful to choose a good name to you baby child. You have a beautiful baby girl and want to put a good name to your bay go to straight and search in google for English Names For Girls And Meanings in this page you will get all kinds of alphabets names and their meanings also available.

      This English Girl Names are mostly used American, England, and some countries are used this English names. These New Baby Girl Names are very unique and stylish names because most of the English people select a names to their daughter very professional so we are gathering maximum number of English Names For Baby Girls. Below we are explored all names with meanings.

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       01        Ava         Bird 
       02   Badra    Full moon
       03   Chole    Fresh
       04    Emma    Complete
       05   Grania    Love
       06   Cher    Dear one
       07   Carina    Beloved
       08   Farrah    Happy
       09   Allegra    Joyful
       10   Halina   Serenity
       11   Haloke   Salmon
       12   Hang   Moon
       13   Ianthe  Flower
       14   Ignatia  Fire
       15   Kachina  Dancing spirit
       16   Kaija  Pure
       17   Laginaa  Queen
       18   Lala   Tulip flower
       19   Maarit   Pearl
       20   Mahtab   Light of moon

   S.NO        NAME             MEANING

    21          Bhagyapathi      Lucky

    22          Garima              Heaven sent

    23          Soumya             Mild

  Jazzie               Jasmine

 Helena               light 

Anubhavi            Experience  

Amisha              Honest        

Hasna                Beautiful

Heesha             Happy

Jabi                  God

Jalpa                Discussion

  Above all names are belongs to English names for girls. this is very useful and helpful to who are searching for baby girl names to your child.  I hope the English names for girls page is full satisfied to you. If you give me any suggestions about my page please mention on the below comment section.