Punjabi Girl Names

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Punjabi Girl Names: Dear parents if you have a baby girl and are you looking for a good and meaningful name to your baby child this page is helpful to you. Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl name in below Punjabi Girl Names list. mainly this page belongs to Punjabi parents choosing a new name to their child. The people of the Punjab today are called Punjabi's, Punjab state principal language is Punjabi. The Indian Punjab region are Sikhism and Hinduism. Punjab state maximum people are belongs to Sikhism so their are interested to their children by the name of Singh and compulsory their used to by the name of last is Singh. So we are totally Baby Girls Names With Meaning List prepared for Punjabi's parents. Are you living in Punjab and if you have baby girl and searching for a Punjabi Baby Girl Names this page is useful and helpful for you. Every parents dream for want a new born baby this is the special and happiness moment for every couple and put a name to their baby child is one of the task to every parent. So we are gathering maximum number of New Born Baby Girl Names are mentioned in below Sikh or Punjabi Baby Names List.

     The Punjabi peoples are having dare and maximum number of Punjab peoples are went to Army for serving nation. Baby naming ceremony is one of the importance in Punjabi Sikh region. Get a popular Hindu Baby Girl Names and particularly if you want to Punjabi Girl Names With Meanings below we are exploring Punjabi Baby Girl Names List and their meanings. We hope you have found the perfect name for your little girl princess.

Punjabi Girl Names List

01➜ Aagya : Polite woman

02➜ Bargitta: strong and powerful woman

03➜ Chadda : Warroir princess

04➜ Greetha : Clear mind

05➜ Disha : Direction

06➜ Giani : Knowlegde

07➜ Gurvinder : Lord Guru

08➜ Kajari : Little bird

09➜ Agamjot : God's light

10➜ Balbir : Brave

11➜ Gaganjot: Light of the Sky

12➜ Harpreet : one who loves god

13➜ Simran : Meditation

14➜ Ira : Earth

15➜Indu : Light descent

16➜Inaya : Beautiful

17➜ Aarati : Love for good

18➜ Banita : Desired

19➜ Kavita : Poetry

20➜ Sangita : Musical

21➜Darika : Maiden

22➜Diva : Goddess

23➜ Cara : Face

24➜ Aloka : Victorious

 Gauri            Fair

 Ganika         Flower

  Guys we are hoping, in this page you are found correct and good name for your lovely daughter and if you have any best meaningful girl or boy names please share with us we will add in our website.

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