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Top Impressive Baby Boy Names In Telugu

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Baby boy Names In Telugu: Today our page contains a huge name list of Baby Names In Telugu for girls and boys.  In this names list, we are providing Baby Boy Names In Telugu and if you have a baby boy we are providing also twins baby boy names in Telugu, most of Telugu people leave in India. Andhrapradesh and Telangana states are Telugu states, this page mostly useful to these two states' people. If you belong to the Telugu state and if you have a new baby or hope to get a baby or if you have a baby girl or if you are hoping to get a baby child these Baby Boy Names In Telugu With Meanings useful to you.

 Most of the Telugu states peoples are believing god and prayers to god, so most of the people put a name to their child by the name of god and meaningful names. So we are totally gathering Hindu Telugu Baby Boy Names and child names in Telugu good names and meaningful names. Below names, the list totally belongs to Telugu names and their meanings. Choose and select a good name for your baby child.

History of Telugu Language :

The Telugu language is the biggest individual of the Dravidian language family. Essentially spoken in southeastern India, it is the authority language of the provinces of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In the mid-21st century Telugu had in excess of 75 million speakers. 

The previously composed materials in the language date from 575 CE. The Telugu script is gotten from that of the sixth-century Calukya administration and is identified with that of the Kannada language. Telugu writing starts in the eleventh century with a variant of the Hindu epic Mahabharata by the author Nannaya Bhatta.

Naming Ceremony in Telugu Culture :

Barasala (Namakaranam) is the naming service of an infant. Nama implies name and Karanam means to make or to make. This function is performed to choose an infant's name utilizing celestial guidelines or customary techniques for naming. This function happens after the 10-day sullied post-pregnancy period. The picked name ought to contain a predetermined number of syllables and vowels that be not difficult to articulate, sound charming, demonstrate sex, mean popularity, abundance, or power.

The service is performed, beginning with Vighneshwara pooja, Punyaha vachanam, Maha Sankalpam, Kalasha Pooja, and Namakaranam is finished by murmuring the kid's name in the right ear and reciting mantras.

On the Day of NamaKaranam pooja, the child and mother are given a custom shower. The kid is wearing another garment. The pandit performs pooja followed by a havan and offers supplications to every one of the divine beings. The five components, the soul of the progenitors, and conjures them to favor and safeguard the kid. The pandit puts a material on which betel leaves, turmeric, lentils, and Moong dal are kept alongside the kid's horoscope before the picture of the god. The Father murmurs the picked name in the right ear of the child utilizing a betel leaf. In the wake of completing the Namakaranam custom, companions and family members favor the youngster.

When to Perform Barasala (Namakaranam)

This Ceremony is generally performed on the 11th day of the youngster's introduction to the world.
Can likewise plan the date that is viable with the Janma Nakshatra of the child youngster.

Advantages of Barasala (Namakaranam):

An authority name is for the distinguishing proof of an individual and furthermore for Sankalp purposes.

It is expected to get consent from the Supreme Lord to name the kid and furthermore to give positive energy to the name as the youngster will utilize it his/her whole lifetime.

The Art of Naming Baby Boy Names In Telugu by Telugus or Telugu Couples

When Telugu parents consider naming their girl child, they take into account several cultural, traditional, and meaningful factors. Here are some common points that Telugu parents may consider when choosing a name for their daughter:

Cultural significance: Telugu parents often prefer names that have cultural significance within the Telugu community. They may choose names with historical, literary, or mythological importance to preserve their cultural heritage.

Religious connections: For religiously inclined families, names associated with Hindu deities like Sita, Lakshmi, Saraswati, or Parvati, or names inspired by spiritual concepts, may be preferred. Names with a religious context hold deep meaning and symbolize devotion.

Family traditions and ancestors: Naming a child after a beloved family member, especially grandparents or ancestors, is a common practice among Telugu families. It is a way to honor and carry forward the family's legacy.

Auspiciousness: Telugu parents often choose names with positive meanings and connotations that are considered auspicious. They believe that an auspicious name will bring good luck and prosperity to the child's life.

Astrological considerations: Some Telugu families consult astrologers to determine a name that aligns with the child's birth star or zodiac sign. They believe that an astrologically suitable name may positively influence the child's destiny.

Phonetic appeal: Telugu is a language with a rich phonetic structure, and parents may choose names that have a pleasant and melodious sound when spoken.

Modern names: While traditional names are cherished, some Telugu parents might opt for modern or contemporary names that are in line with current trends.

Combination of names: Telugu parents may combine elements from the names of both parents or grandparents to create a unique name for their child, symbolizing family unity.

Unique names: Telugu parents may seek names that are not overly common to give their child an individual identity while maintaining cultural significance.

Family agreement: Naming decisions often involve the consensus of the extended family members, making it a collective and inclusive process.

In Telugu culture, naming a child is a significant and thoughtful process, involving the consideration of linguistic, cultural, religious, and family-related factors. The chosen name becomes a source of pride for the family and is believed to shape the child's identity and future.

These are the tips before choosing Baby boy names in Telugu :

  • Decide the associate alphabet initial, The title begins with.
  • Avoid choosing a prolonged title that creates some problems to recollect
  • Choose the title that sounds clever as soon as speaking collectively with the surname 
  • Focus to determine on a proper title that no longer influences your child in his Adult age.
  • choose a reputed name that's higher elected by each couple
  • Ensure the name that is gender-specific
  • Avoid Trendy names since it is not trendy name forever
  • Make sure to select a name with greater meaning

List of Telugu Baby Boy Names with Meanings:-

                    Telugu baby boy names starting with A

01AatreyaFamous Sage
02AchyuthLord Vishnu
05Anirudhkrisna's Grand Son
06Ashrithlord Vishnu
08AayushmanLong Life
10AbhimanyuSon of arjuna

                   Telugu baby boy names starting with B

02BhaumikLord of the Earth
04BharadwajA Sage

                   Telugu baby boy names starting with C

02charanjithOne who won the Lord
03charuhasPerson with Beautiful Smile
04ChethuUnknown Power
07chanakyaFamous Sage,Intellegent
08CharukeshPerson with beautiful Hairs
09ChyavanName of a saint
10chakriLord Vishnu

                   Telugu baby boy names starting with D

02DakshithBelongs to god'S Family
04Daiwikgrace of God
09DineshLord Sun
10DivyeshFull of Divinity

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                   Telugu baby boy names starting with E

01Eeshwarsupreme god
02EshanthLord Vishnu
05EvanshPart of Adam
06EvyavanLord Vishnu
07EvyavanBattle to the death
08EkalavyaBright Student
10EshankLord Sun

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                    Telugu baby boy names starting with G

01GaurishLord Shiva
03GireeshLord Shiva
04GurpreetLove of Teacher
06GaneshLord vinayaka
09GaoushkLord Buddha
12GauthamLord Buddha
13GeethamOwner of bhavath gita
18GargA Sage
20GaneshanLord vinayaka

                    Telugu baby boy names starting with H

02HanveshSoft Mind
04HarishLord Krishna
06HimanshuThe Moon
07HrithikFrom the Heart
09HasmithEver Smiling
10HemanthSnow moutain
12HarpreetGods love

Conclusion of baby boy names in Telugu:-

Hello Mates, the above-mentioned names belong to baby boy names in Telugu. I hope my team listed all possible names for baby boy in telugu  . And we are still focusing on updating baby girl names in telugu regularly. Follow us for better boy names in Telugu   and unique  baby boy names in telugu  . If you have any queries please mention in the comment section, so your team ready for clarifying all your mentioned comment related  baby boy names in Telugu with meanings  ........... Thanking you all from Gbabynames .

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