Monday, July 13, 2020

Baby Names In Telugu

                                 Baby Names In Telugu                          

Baby Names In Telugu: Today our page contain huge name list of Baby Names In Telugu for girls and boys.  In this names list we are providing Baby Boy Names In Telugu and if you have baby girl we are providing also Baby Girl Names In Telugu, most of the Telugu people leave in India. Andhrapradesh and Telangana states are Telugu states, this page mostly useful to this two states people. If you are belongs to Telugu state and if you have new baby or hope to get a baby or if you have a baby girl or if you are hope to get a baby child this Baby Boy Names In Telugu With Meanings useful to you.

       Most of the Telugu states peoples are believing god and prayers to god, so most of the peoples put a names to their child by the name of god and meaningful names. So we are totally gathering Hindu Baby Boy Names and Hindu Baby Girl Names good names and meaningful names. Below names list are totally belongs to Telugu names and their meanings. Choose and select a good name to your baby child.

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01➨ Abhi : Fearless

02➨ Adhi : Earth

03➨ Ajay : Victorious

04➨ Anil : Purest

05➨ Anup : Unique

06➨ Ashok : Name of king

07➨ Balu : Sweet person

08➨ Bablu : Intelligent

09➨ Chand : Moon

10➨ Chakri : Lord Vishnu

11➨Anushka : Grace, Love

12➨Anika : Grace

13➨ Ganika : Flower

14➨ Hema : Gold

15➨ Hejal : Fruit

16➨ Hasini : Happy, joyful

17➨ Anjum : Token

18➨ Amiya : Everbright

19➨ Ajinkya : Invincible

20➨ Langit : Paradise

21➨ Lado : Famous ruler

22➨ Leenart : Lion

23➨ Larto : Laurel

Jaagrav            Alert

Jaapak             Meditative

Jagadeesh       Lord of the world

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