Unique Twin Baby Names Indian

                 Unique Twin Baby Names Indian          

 Congratulations parents, Twin babies not possible to every parent that is god gift. Put a names to twin babies that is a difficult situation to every parent so we are prepared meaningful and good names to your baby twins in Unique Twin Baby Names Indian list, if you want to Indian Twin Baby Boy Names  or Twin Baby Boy Names available in this list.

Meaningful names gives freedom to select and create any name people think can express their values, personality. If you want to Twin Baby Girl Names  this page is useful and helping for you. Discussing with your partner about your twin babies, Keep a list of favourite name handy so you can whenever a name your hands.       

Everyone must die but death cannot kill their names that is a power of name, so put down a collection of Indian Unique Twin Baby Names and their meanings will be both are mentioned in below names box. Search a names a choose a select good name to your twin babies.                                                 

     Girl - Girl Twin Pair Names List

     S.NO           NAME                 NAME             MEANING    
       01    Aarushi       Aahana    1st rays of sun  
       02     Karishma     Kashish    Attractive
       03     Mohini      Menaka   Beautiful
       04     Deepa     Deepika   Light
       05     Avantika      Rani    Queen 
       06    Ansha    Isha    Portion
       07    Aparna     Suvarna   Name of Goddess 
       08   Roopali   Sonali   Beautiful, Made of gold
       09  Rani     Vani   Queen
       10     Rajani    Sujani Night, Pleasant 

Boy - Boy Twin Pair Names List

    NAME          MEANING         NAME         MEANING     
   Sanket   Signal    Sankalp    Determination 
   Mohan    Charming     Rohan        Ascending
   Sanjeev   Giving life    Rajeeb    Achiever
   Girish   God of Mountain      Harish   Lord Shiva
   Kamal   Lotus   Vimal   Pure 
   Prashanth   Calm   Sushanth   Quiet 
   Abhainn   River  Achaius  Horseman 
   Bright   Light  Brio   Life
   Wilson  Son ofWill  William   Protection
 Ram                 Laxman

 Sunny                Bunny

 Noel                  Sohel

Akbar                Birbal     

Anuroop           Anuraag

Arun                 Varun

Amit                 Sumit   

Naresh              Suresh     

James                Jacob     

Nikhil                Nithin  

Amanda             active   

Anil                 God of wind  

Anoop             Incomparable      

Arka               The sun      

Atul                Matchless   

Callahan          Colour of church

Carmelo           Garden   

Cassius            Hollow  

Colton              Dark Town  

Declan              full of goodness

Boy - Girl Twin Pair Names List

  BOY NAME      MEANING       GIRL NAME         MEANING     
    Abhay   Fearless   Abhaya    Fearless
    Akshay    Immortal   Akshara     Eternal
    Amey    Lord Ganesh    Ameya   Boundless
    Arun    Rising Sun    Aruna   Passionate 
    Deepak    Brilliance    Jyothi   Lamp 
    Harsh    Happiness   Harshita  Cheerful
    Haseen    Handsome    Haseena   Pretty, Beautiful   
    Raj   King   Rajani  Night
    Sanjay    Victorious    Sanjana  Creator

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  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing blog, because from few days, I and my wife got an arguement about choosing the name for our twins. So, I think as we prepare the matching twin outfits, so, we also give the same name like hunny, bunny :)