V Name List In Hindi For Boy

                           V Name List In Hindi For Boy                                


V Name List In Hindi For Boy: Dear parents if you have newborn baby boy or you are expecting little baby boy and want to put a name with V alphabet this V Name List In Hindi For Boy page helpful to you. below we are mentioned V Names For Boys and including their meanings. Who are literally searching for Boy Names Starting With V letter this page make easy to prefer a good name to your little baby boy. We are hoping about this Baby Boy Names Starting With V page because of everyday we are adding new names to this page.

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200+ V Name List In Hindi For Boy

Name                     Meanings

Vadish                 Lord of the body

Vajendra             Lord indra

Vandan               Salutation

Vegavan               Fast

Venu                    Flute

Vinay                  Modesty

venkata               Self born

Vikram                Bravery

Vivaswat             The sun

Virendra             Chief of heros

Veera                  The Brave

Vicky                  Victory

Vihas                   Great smile

Vikas                   Development

Vinav                   Humble

Vinod                    Happy

Viswa                     The world

Vaibhv                  Wealth

Vardhan                 Boons

Varnat                   Description

Vastav                    Actual

Vedhan                   Penetration

Vidhin                  Ritual

Vidwan                 wisdom

Vagish                   Lord Bramha

Vignesh                 Remover of Obstacles

Vijay                      Victory

Vihari                    Lord krishna

Vimal                    Clean

Vahin                    Carrier

Valmiki                 Saint who wrote ramayana

Vanad                    Cloud

Vanajit                  Winner of the forest

Varesh                   LOrd Shiva

Vasavaj                   Son of indra

Veekshith              One who saw

Vidit                       Informed

Vijeesh                  Victorious

Viraaj                    To shine

Virudh                   opposite

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