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Baby Name Guesser

                          Baby Name Guesser                

Baby Name Guesser: If you have a baby girl or baby boy and if you want a good Baby Boy Names for your babies this Baby Name Guesser page is useful for you. This page allows you to guess the gender of a name, more commonly a male or female. In this list of most popular male names, most popular female names, or Baby Girl Names, this baby name guesser can be a useful tool in suggesting names and choosing names and their meanings of New Born Baby Names.

      Trying to find the perfect baby name, you've come to the right place. Here is a list of my favorite
Indian Baby Boy Names for each letter of the alphabet and we are included to their meanings also. If you are ready to born a baby expecting a baby girl or baby boy so inspired this Baby Name Guesser and choose a perfect name for your baby kid.

   A name is the first identity that a person gets in his\her life and it stays with him\her till death. Some people believe that names do have an influence to an extent on personality development. These baby name guessers have been selected as new babies names and all the world's main regions.

 Listed Names of baby  boy and baby girl with Baby Name Guesser

      S. NO            NAME              GENDER       MEANING   
        01     Aahan       Boy  Sunrise
        02     Abha       Girl   Brightness
        03   Mahir       Boy  Expert
        04    Bahar       Girl  Spring
       05   Adwait       Boy  Hindu name
       06   Bailey       Girl  Governor
       07   Nehal        Boy   Handsome
       08  Bedelia        Girl   Powerful 
       09  Sandhya        Girl   Sun
       10  Berna        Girl  Young woman
       11   Berta        Girl  Brilliant
       12   Bernice        Girl   Victory 
       13  Aarav         Boy  Peaceful
       14  Prisha       Girl  Talented
       15  Vivaan       Boy  Lord Krishna
       16   Anvika       Girl  Powerful
       17   Shreyansh       Boy  Lucky
       18   Mayra       Girl Beloved
       19   Darsh      Boy  Handsome
       20   Anwit      Boy  Lord Shiva
       21   Mishika      Girl  Love of God
       22   Rihit     Boy  The best
       23   Amaya     Girl  Night Rain
       24AanshiGirlGod's Gift
      25 AaraviGirlcalm
      31PiliGirlSecond Child
     34SamuelBoyName of the God
    35RonalBoyLittle Peace
    36TimothyBoyHonoring god
    37TrevotBoy Predient
    43Suhas BoySmiling Beautifully
  50IndrakshiGirlEyes like Indira
  51DakshithBoyLord Shiva
  52DarshalBoyPrayer for God

Conclusion of Baby Name Guesser 

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