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Pet Names For Baby Boy

                                 Pet Names For Baby Boy

Pet Names For Baby Boy: Friends if you want to find out the Numerology of names for different religion Baby Boy Names and starting with different letters. Dear parents if you have a baby and want to put a good Nickname or pet name to your baby child this Pet Names For Baby Boy page helps to you. Everyone likes to a put a pet name to their child so we are preparing Nicknames For Baby Boy With Meanings. This pet name not depend on any Astrology or Numerology or any starting letter, this pet name useful to you called with a good name to your new born baby. Dear parents we are collecting lot of pet names and their meanings also gathered in Pet Names or Nickname For Baby Boy list is helpful to you.

    Dear parents below nicknames are not only for Hindu religion or Muslim religion or any religion so every religion get a good and meaningful pet name from this Boys Pet Names With Meanings page.

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Pet Names Or Nicknames For Baby Boy List

   Name                        Meanings        

    Akki                       Cannot be Injured

  Ashu                       Lord Shiva

  Veer                       Giant

  Krish                      Lord Krishna

  Leo                        Brave

  Aifa                       Smart

  Rishu                      Honest

  Dev                        God

   Azad                       Independent

  Emir                         Prince

  Raghav                    Born in Raghu clan

 Vaibhav                    Richness

 Yuvraj                       Prince

 Hansh                        God like

 Hunar                      Good qualities       

Jayant                        Victory

Lakshay                   Target

Sahil                         Guide

Taran                        Young

Yuvaan                      Lord shiva

Ayesha                      Daughter of prophet

Alex                         Alexander

Jameson                  Son of James

Logan                      Hollow

Parker                      Park keeper

Aaron                      Lifty

jagamohan              Everything in the world

Jagadish                  he is the god of this universe

Jagajiva                  The world's life

Jagad                      The whole cosoms

jagara                     Armor

Jagajeev                The worlds soul

Jaganth                   Lord of the Universe

Jagadha                  Whole universe

Hakesh                   Lord of sound   

Hamesh                  Forever     

Hanish                    Lord Shiva   

Harendra                 Shiva