Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Top Girls Names 2020

                                250+ Top Girls Names 2020                       

Top Girls Names 2020

Top Girls Names 2020: Dear friends this time am sharing with you Baby Girl Names for all religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christians. Some parents are searching for name that express their faith and some of parents want a names with history. So am sharing Top Girls Names 2020 for those kind of parents. When you are looking for a Girl Names 2020 this page are traditional and deep meaning.  

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Top Hindu Baby Girl Names

NAME                  MEANING

Amrutha                Immortality

Ananya                  Unique

Bhanumati             Famous

Bhagyasri               Fortunate

Chakrika                Lakshmi

Chandani               Moon light

Dalaja                    Produced

Darika                   Maiden

Faiza                     Bloom

Farzeen                 Beautiful

Gouthami              Clouds

Harini                    Silence

Harita                    Progressive

Ikshita                   A dark

Ishita                     Wealthy

Top Christian Baby Girl Names

NAME                 MEANING

Januja                   Joyous

Aaress                  The best

Abbey                  father of exaltation

Abie                    Mother of many

Abira                    Strong  

Aileen                  Light

Akiva                   Protected

Alanna                 Fair

Alka                    Girl with beautiful long hair

Amora                 Love

Araminta             Lofty

Ariella                 Love of God

Asisa                    Ripe