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List of 200 + Girl names with meanings

     Top List Of Popular 200 + Name Meanings

Name Meanings: The name you give your son will help shape the men she becomes will he be a successful businessman or a successful man in his life. Friends if you want to put a good name to your baby girl or baby boy on this page we provide Name Meanings for those who are searching for Girl Names and Boy Names this is correct for you. Dear parents if you have a little girl and want a perfect name to your child Baby Girls Name List useful to you. Dear parent if you have a little boy and want to put a good name to your baby boy Baby Boys Name List useful to you. On this page you will get not only names you will get Girl Names And Meanings Or Boy Names And Meanings if you select which one you want.

     Below we are preparing a 200+ Name Meanings list. In this page you will find old and new classic unusual Baby Names And Meanings. When deciding one name for your baby boy or baby girl it can be really interesting to find out more about different names.

Follow our instructions before selecting names for you baby :

  •  Decide associate alphabet initial, The name starts with
  •  Avoid selecting an extended name that makes some issues to remember 
  • Choose the name that sounds smart once speaking alongside surname or surname
  • Focus to make a decision on an honest name that doesn't impact your kid in his Adult age
  •  choose a reputed name that's higher elect by each couple

         List of 200 + girl names with meanings

1AabhaGlow, Shine
3AarushiFirst ray of the Sun
5AdiaGift from God
7AlekhyaNice, intelligent
11DarshitaSight, shown
12HemaliCoated with Gold
13JeevikaSource of Life
16DanicaStar Of the day
18DatyaHaving faith
22HarikaLord Vishnu
23AadarshOne who has Principles
24AadhidevFirst God
31BabulHindu Boy
33BalramLord Krishna's brother
34BhanumitraFriend of Sun
37BhuvaneshLord Vishnu
38Madhavsweet like honey
39JagisaUniverse lord
40JagpatiUniverse and cosmos
41JaglalaSon of the universe
42JahedA striving person
43JahmilA handsome man
44jai kishanPower of knowledge
45GulsanFlower garden
46Gunaakaran ancient king
47GopeshLord krishna
49GangolA precious gem
50GayanThe sky
51Gaurav Honour

Conclusion Of 200+ girl names with meanings

 Above Mentioned article belongs to  Girl names with meanings. In this article, we provided Baby Girl Names and Baby Boy Names with their meanings. If you want good meaningful names this article is really helpful to you. I hope you are satisfied with the above baby boy and baby girl names with meanings. Thanks for visiting ---Gbabynames

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