Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Baby Boy Names Starting With P

                           Baby Boy Names Starting With P                   


Dear friends if you have a baby boy and if you want to a perfect name for your baby child and starting with " P" alphabet more and more names and their meanings available in this list. This popular collection of Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With P will help you to find a perfect name for your new baby child. For parents searching for a good Baby Boy Names for their new baby boy, we are preparing good names list for parents.

If you mostly want to Baby Boy Names Beginning with P we are lot of names gathered in below names list and meanings. Some parents want to any letter but a good name and meaning but some parents are particular letter and good name so we are preparing names list for that kind of people. I hope this page is helpful and useful for you.          

      S.NO            NAME           MEANING     
       01   Parin  Lord Ganesha
       02    Peri   Just fame
       03    Pahal   Facet
       04    Prajwal   Bright
       05    Paul   Small
       06   Paarthiv  Brave, Earth
       07    Paavan   Fire, Pure  
       08    Padman   Lotus
       09    Palani  Lord Murugan
       10    Palvit  Lord Vishnu
       11   Pankaj  Lotus Flower
       12    Parindra  lion
       13    Parmesh Lord Vishnu
       14   Perumal Lord Venkateshwara  
       15   Phani Snake
       16   Piriyan  Lovable person
       17    Poorab   East
       18   Paramananda     Supreme bliss
       19    Piyush   Milk  
       20    Prabhakar  The Sun
       21    Prakasham   Hindu Name
       22      Prakrit  Handsome 
       23   Pramod  Deloght
       24      Prineet  Satisfied
       25            Prithu   Broad  
       26   Priyanvad   Sweet Person 
       27   Prudvi   Christian
       28     Punit  Holy
       29   Puranjay   Lord Shiva
       30  Purushottam  Hindu Name

NAME                 MEANING

Padrig                 Patrician   

Paol                    Humble  

Pasilo                 kingly   

Pavils                 Meaning small  

Petrov                Rock    

Akhil                       Prince

Aadavan                  Sun

Adyant                    Beginning Of the end

Philly              Lover of horse

Peter               Stone

Renshaw         Wood

Above names list we are mentioned " P " letter names and their meanings in above names are not only belongs one type of category people so above names list are useful to all kind of people. I hope above Baby boy names starting with P names list are useful to your baby boy.