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Tamil Names For Boys

                                    Tamil Names For Boys          

Tamilnadu is the one of the state in India. Tamil people preference to a Hindu name to their new  baby. If you want to Hindu Baby Boy Names once check a below Tamil Names For Boys list. The purpose of this Baby Boy Names list to help Tamil parents in choosing names for new born baby.  These baby names list are organised alphabetically.

  Dear Tamil parents some names are so longer in Tamil Boy Names list so you can create a nickname from to keep short. Name are not just for birth days. They are for entire life with their child. In this list are some modern and traditional Tamil New Born Baby Boy Names, find one more to your child.

   Tamil Baby Boy Names List

     S.No         NAME       MEANING    
      01  Aadalarasu    Ideal  
      02   Aadhavan    Lord Vishnu
      03   Aju    Quit 
      04   Aasu   Tear Drop
      05   Agaz    Awake 
      06   Ajay    Victorious 
      07   Amar    Immortal 
      08   Araj    Pray 
      09   Arum  Gods gift 
      10     Asva   Horse
 Nisith            Night

 Adhi                Earth

 Amir               Rich

 Arun                Sun

 Balu                child

 Bhim               Powerful

 Das                  Love

Din                   Part of Sun

Diven               Leader

Dilip                 A king

Gorakh             Cow - Heard

Acarya               Teacher   

Agendra           King of Mountain  

Padmal            Lotus

Garron             Horse  

Garreth           Gentle    

Garry               Dpear    

Garsea              Bear     

Garvin             Comrade in battle   

Gaudinus         Colors

Geary              Consessions  

Gelar               Brother  

Bruhat               Lord vishnu

Geethik             Wonderful voice talent

Asher                   Blessed   

Benjamin          Son of the right hand

Brandon             From the beacon hill

Brantley              Fire

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