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Boy Names Starting With R

                              Boy Names Starting With R          

Boy Names Starting With R: Friends are you looking for Boy Names Starting With R sharing a wide range of Unique Baby Boy Names And Meanings perfect for your newborn baby boy. Guys if you prefer Hindu baby boy names choose a good name from the list of R Letter Names For Boy Hindu given below. Friends if you really searching for Boy Names With R this page helpful and useful for you. I hope this is useful and helpful for you put a good name to your baby boy.

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Name                 Meanings

Raaja                   king

Raam                 lord Rama

Radhesh           Lord of radha

Rachit               Invention

Ranjith              Victor

Rajendra           King

Rakesh              the Moon

rajat                    Silver

Raadhi              Traveller

Raghuvir            Lord Rama

Raamanuj            young Brother of Rama

Radhakanta            Lord Krishna

Rahul                     Buddha's son

Raghunath              Lord rama

Raghavendra             Lord rama

Rajan                         King

Rajiv                        Elephant

Rajesh                     God of kings

Ramashray               Protected by rama

Ramdas                    servant of rama

Rajarshi                     King's sage

Rajeev                        Blue lotus

Ramnath                   lord rama

Ramesh                    lord of ramadevi, Vishnu

Ramith                      Loved

Rasul                        Angel

Ramanuj                   Lord Laxman

Ranveer                   hero of the battle

Rantidev                  Devote of narayana

Rangan                    A flower

Ranesh                   Lord Shiva

Randhir                 Brave in battle field

Rasmaru                 Lord krishna

Rishab                   Shiva's vehicle bull

Ratul                     Sweet

Ravishu                 Cupid

Ravi                      the sun

Ratish                  Kamadev

Rishit                  The best

Rishi                  Ray of light

Rochan               Bright

Revanth             Horse rider

Resham            Silk

Rudra                Lord Shiva

Rupak               Beautiful

Ruchir               Radiant

Rebanta             Son of surya

Rohith                Red

Rohan                 Ascending

Roopesh            Lord of beauty

Raveendra          The sun lord

Ravinandan         Karna

Rasaraj               A good actor

Ranjiv                 Victorious

Ranadev              Lord of battles

Ranjan                  Pleasing

Ritesh                 Lord of truth

Ratnakar               Mine of Jewels

Ravikanth              Frame like son

Ritvik                    Priest

Roopesh               Lord of beauty

Renesh                 Lord of Love

             Above all names are starting with only R, i hope this all names are useful to put a good name to your baby boy. If you give me any suggestion please mention on the below comment section.

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