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Sweet Nicknames For Baby Boy

                      200+ Sweet Nicknames For Baby Boy        

Sweet Nicknames For Baby Boy: Dear parent Firstly I congratulate you. In this page we are preparing hundreds of baby names to help you choose the perfect name to your baby boy and finding the perfect meaning also. If you are searching for Sweet Nicknames For Baby Boy our Best Pet Names For Baby Boy page is makes it easy. We are hundreds of names list updated daily to help and choose your favorite name for your baby boy. In this page so many beautiful and Cute Boy Names it can be difficult to choose a one name to your baby boy. When you are expecting a new baby, picking a good and meaningful name to your baby boy this the most and important task to every parent because, if you are select a perfect name to your baby that's sure to stand out from the rest.

    You are looking for a traditional and unique name to your cute baby boy, you will find something on this Sweet Baby Boy Names List. Friends i hope this page is useful and helpful to you for a picking perfect name to your baby child.

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200+ Sweet Nicknames For Baby Boy With Meanings

 NAME                    MEANING

Aadidev                  The First God

Aahan                      Sunrise

Aatreya                    Clever

Anirudh                  Without limits

Chintan                   Contemplate

Dharv                     Satisfaction

Ekanjeet                 Gods Triumph

Gaurav                     Honour

Gautham                Name of the Buddha

Harikiran                Rays of God

Harsha                    Happiness

Indranil                  Lord Shiva

Kanan                     forest

Madhukar               Lover

Mayur                     Peacock

Motilal                    Pearl

Murali                    flute

Nanda                    Lord Shiva

Naresh                   Lord Of Man

Niranjan               Full Moon

Pankaj                  Lotus Flower

Prahlad                Happiness

Pavan                    Breeze

Purushottam          Lord Vishnu

Suresh                   Ruler Of the Gods

Daivat                 Luck

Daav                   Wild Fire

        Guys above Baby Boy Names are useful to put a good and meaningful nickname to your cutest child. Dear parent if you give me any suggestion please mention in the below comment section.