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M Names For Boys Indian

                                M Names For Boys Indian                

M Names For Boys Indian: Looking for the smartest way to name your baby boy? Access the new and trending M Names For Boys Indian with their meanings. Boy Names With M like a flow smoothly with last names beginning with constant. Boy Name starting With M are timeless classic and there is a reason it is the most common letter and lot of meaningful names with M letter. This is a true for baby boys as it is you are wanting a Boy Name Starting With M this is right place for you. friends if you want to much more M letter Names For Boy India we are sharing in this page.

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Names                      Meanings

Mahabala                great strength

Madan                    cupid ,god of love 

Maharshi                a great saint

Madhur                  melodious 

Madhu                    honey,nector

Mahavir                 most courageous among men

Maandhata               an ancient king

Mahasvin                glorious 

Mahaniya               worthy of honour

Mahesh                   supreme god 

Mahi                       the world

Makur                     mirror

Maanan                   thought

Maitreya                   friendly

Maneet                      one who wins heart

Manith                      honored 

Maneesh                  lord of mind 

Mannith                    chosen

Mahipal                     a king

Maniram                   jewel of a person

Mangal                       auspicious 

Manan                       thinking

Malay                        a garden of indra 

Manu                         founder father of human beings

Mandir                        temple

Manohar                    beautiful

Mandhit                     adorned

Manotej                     who has fast thinking

Maraam                    aspiration

Maneendra                lord of gems

Milan                        getting together

Marudeva                lord of desert

Maulik                       precious

Miland                      union 

Meghan                     king of clouds

Mitul                          friend,the sun

Mohin                        attractive

Munish                        sage

Mridul                         pearl

Murali                         flute

Mrigank                     son of the moon 

Murugan                    lord karthikeya

Mrigaa                       valuable

mukesh                       happy

Mrinaal                      the lion

Mukul                        liberated

Mumtaz                    crown

Muhamad                  pleased 

Manuj                       son of manu 

Mandaar                   a flower 

Manorath                  desire

Mandar                     a celestial  tree

Manavendra             king among men  

Friends above names are only for who are searching baby boy names with m letter. I hope this page helpful to make a good name to your newborn baby boy.

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