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Love Name Boy

                                          Love Name Boy                                

Love Name Boy: Friends are you looking for Baby Boy Names in this list collection we are preparing with name meanings in Love Name Boy page. In this names list to find perfect baby boy name with good meaning for your little baby. This is a complete collection of Baby Boy Names 2020 for boys covering traditional, religious, trendy and popular names easy to help you make a choice. all names are viewed alphabetically with meanings and you can also click on Future Baby Boy Names 2020 to know more about that particular Nickname For Boys With meanings.

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250+  love Name Boy

Name                 Meanings

Aslesh                     embrace

Avadhesh                kind dasaratha

Avikam                  diamond

Asim                      limitless 

Atal                       immoveable

Avirat                    continuous

Ashwam                 horse

Avikshit                not see before

Ashvath                 strong

Bahurai                  with great riches

Bashir                    harbinger of good things

Bandhu                  friend

Basudha                 earth

Bajrang                   a name of lord hanuman

Balgopal                 baby krishna

Bankim                   curved

Chakshan              beautiful eyes

Chatresh                lord shiva

Chatura                 clever 

Chandra               the moon

Chapal                  restless,lightning

Charuvindha         striving for beauty

Dalpati                  commander of group

Deepankar            lord of light 

Deepimoy             lustrous

Devachandra           moon among the gods

Dandak                   a forest

Dalajit                   winning over a group

Ekram                    honor

Eeshwar                 god

Edhas                     happiness

Ettan                      breath

Ekayavan              the wise one

Gadhar                  lord narayan

Gajendra                 king of elephants

Gandha                  a swwet smelling

Gaveshan               search

Genko                    original light

Gangol                  a precious gem

Harindranath              lord of hari 

Hemakesh                    lord shiva

Hari                         name  of vishnu

Harsha                      happiness

Hemachandra                golden moon

Hemaraj                     king of gold

Hritish                       lord of heart

Ikshan                          sight

Ilisa                              king of the earth